The rules of the game


Exercise 1. A motif for my film

Individual exercise (smartphone, tablet, etc).

I choose something around me in the world that I like, that interests me. If I were making a film, I would want this thing to be one of the motifs that accompany my story.

To do this, I film this thing in 3 different ways, in order to bring out its identity: its color, its texture, its design, or what this thing evokes, what makes it attractive to me, etc. Each of the shots is autonomous.

I can also add sounds, a voice over or music on some of the shots (alone, if I know how to do it / or if not in the workshop).

Total duration for all 3 shots: 2′ max.

Exercise 2. Choice and combination of motifs

Exercise in small groups

Within the same space given to all the class, space chosen by the facilitator and the teacher (park, garden, playground, etc.), each group chooses 1 or 2 preferred motifs and produces a small montage around this or these combined motifs, filmed in a descriptive and/or evocative manner. 

Total editing time: 2′ per group

Exercise 3.  Variations around the same motif: the mirror.

Exercise in small groups

Each group films a situation in which the mirror plays a determining role (narrative, with several characters, or not).

In the workshop, the variations obtained around the same motif are compared.

For each sequence, maximum duration 2′ (3 shots maximum).


Make a short film – with or without a story – with 2 or 3 recurring motifs, which evolve during the film.

The filming of these motifs, their structured repetition in the film, must create meaning and emotion.

2 of the motifs must be chosen from the list below.

List of motifs: staircase, shadow, tree, window, mirror, store window, swing, umbrella, hair.

10′ maximum (including credits)


Taking part in the blog is one of the rules of the game!

The blog gives the different workshops the opportunity to interact throughout the year, before meeting each other.
The students can share their experiences (they are the ones who express themselves): the films they have seen, the shootings, the reflections, the questions, with photos, drawings, videos… But be careful, the films from the workshops should not be posted on the blog before the June screening at Ciné 104 in Pantin!
By December 15, each workshop will start by introducing itself: the group, the place where the workshop is taking place (hall, school, village or town), etc. In its own language, but also in English or French.
This year, each workshop can also pick out paintings, photographs and film extracts on a motif of its choice.